Ellie Thornton


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Upon her wake on this bright morning, Ellie had been nervous. Just a month prior to this very day, she had received a letter about a week after the “class pet explosion incident” pertaining to a boarding school. After opening it and reading it about 11 times through, it fully hit her. She was a Witch. And, to make matters even more interesting, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry wanted her of all people to board at their prestigious school. Her parents hadn’t asked a lot of questions, they simply handed her a wad of cash and waved her off. Just last night she had packed her trunk with her few belongings that she felt she would need. Her suitcase was still very empty, but it would soon be full of all the magical items she was going to have to buy. She had awoken at 3:00 AM - on the dot - and was currently writing a short letter to her family to say goodbye. She hurriedly rushed down to her kitchen and whipped up some pancakes. “Pancakes are in the fridge! I’ve already headed out. I love you all! I will write to you as soon as I get there!” read the note. She slipped it under the plate of pancakes and ran back upstairs to fetch her trunk and to get dressed. As she dressed in jeans and a warm jumper, she munched on a pancake. Running to the bathroom to do her hair, she wondering anxiously what would await her at Hogwarts. Finally ready, she dragged her suitcase out the door and let out a sigh of relief. This was it. In her letter she had received 3 separate pieces of paper. One letting her know she had been accepted, one giving her a list of items required, and one giving her vague instructions on how to get to a place called Diagon Alley, wherein she was expected to buy her school materials. Pulling out a small atlas, she traced the path to the Leaky Cauldron (the entrance to Diagon Alley), and went on her way. She hustled quickly through the dark streets, worried she might get there quite late in the day. At 3:30 AM she reached her first train. She would have to take quite a few more to get to the inn, but she was ready. After many trains, and a lot of walking, she reached the Leaky Cauldron. It was already 6:15 AM, but she was excited to finally be here. Half the time she had slept on the trains, so the time had gone by quickly. Heading inside, she asked the bartender nervously for directions to Diagon Alley. He gave her a huge smile and waved her out the back door to a brick wall. After tapping in a strange way, Ellie heard a grinding noise. Flinching, she took a step back as the bricks began to fold in on themselves to expose a bustling street full of shops. “Oh, by the way missus,” began the bartender. “Wizard-folk have their own special currency, so that’s not gonna get yeh anywhere.” he said, waving at her money. “Do you know where I can make an exchange, then?” she asked, worried about his answer. “Don’ yeh worry, I can make an exchange.” he reassured her. Taking out a sack of jingling coins, he counted out her money and - in return - gave her a huge pile of golden, silver, and bronze coins. “Now, off yeh go!” he insisted, chuckling at her enthusiasm. Turning to face the shops, Ellie took a deep breath, and off she went to begin her new life as a first year Witch.
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