Carmen Rubida


Spanish witch; blood purity unknown; Likes having fun, quidditch and magical creatures; Dislikes boring and arithmancy; Loves snakes and Peeves.

  • Joined December 2017
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • Spain


Character info:
Age - 12
Hair - Black, usually medium short.
Eyes - Black and big
Skin - Really pale with some freckles
Body type - Thin, medium height
Zodiac - Sagittarius
Position in quidditch - Beater (not in official team yet)
Blood purity- Unknown
Accent - EU Spanish
Personality - Friendly and a bit crazy
Favourite colour - Purple, green and silver
Favourite drink - Black tea and butterbeer
Favourite food - All
Patronus - A really big snake
Wand - Alder wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ½" and Slightly Springy flexibility. (Of all wand types, alder is best suited to non-verbal spell work)

I'm in Slytherin, yey! I actually love lions but I do love snakes too... Well, I love all animals and magical creatures, that's why I get good marks in Care of Magical Creatures and I'm very proud of it. Although I would like to be as good in Potions too so I could impress my teacher but one can't have it all, right? The Sorting Hat asked me, of course. I almost said Gryffindor but for some reason I just thought green and silver was pretty and here I am now, wearing those colours.

I like Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms, I hate Arithmancy and Astrology.

I grew up in an shelter so I've no idea if I'm a pure blood or not, I only know snakes adore me so I must be a perfect Slytherin (*giggles*). But my house-mates treate me fine... or some do at least. I have friends in other houses too so I don't complain.

My greatest strength? weird creatures love me. And I mean, spooky creatures too, they are just lovely funny, like thet poltergeist we have in the Castle, he's a honey.

My greatest weakness: I don't enjoy to study things when I'm not good on them, so I have to plea for notes to other students when I fall asleep during some class. That nice Griffindor girl always has the greatest class notes, but when I ask her for them there's always this redhair boy glaring at me... But his twins brothers are cool, in my opinion.

When I finish the school... I want to have a basilisk as a pet, Hahahaha! Just joking, I would like to keep playing quidditch as a beater just like now and I want to work with magical creatures.

The most fascinating aspect of magic? When you learn how to caste spells without speaking, people gets crazy and it's awesome. And dancing with snakes is super fun.

Honestly what I want? Hmm... that's a weird question. I just want to be happy, I guess, to do what I want and stay cool and calm. I don't enjoy stress. But if you try to have a problem with me then I have a problem with you and you are gonna end on the ground crying, that's for sure.

I adopted a troublemaker Runespoor. Each head has it's name: Left is Garnet, right is Sapphi and middle is Jade. Jade is the grumpiest one, but she is also the most playful and often the one who requires more attention.

I would be happy having Peeves as my pet as well... Ok, that sounds weird. Oh, well, I'm not taking it back though.

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