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Hi, I’m Nix Firre. My ancestry has been told to be mostly Gryffindor, but also a few Slytherins here and there. Recently my best friend (muggle) and I identified that every generation, the magic would skip every other. For example, my mother and father are muggles, but my mother’s mother was in fact a student in Hogwarts, Slytherin, and her mother was get the idea. Father’s side only had one ancestor back when the first few years of Hogwarts were lead by Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, so on...Father would like to believe all this talk about Hogwarts and Witchcraft was all just an extreme theme for a Border school and would always argue with Mother to stop keeping up the magic act. Little does he know Hogwarts was real, and know I, his own daughter had a sense of danger in her eyes and wasn’t afraid to break out the underage wizarding magic to him.

This is my second year at Hogwarts. I’ve had many friends at Hogwarts, but my squad is Victor, Phe, Kristen, Juan and Reid. Victor- Gryffindor, Phe- Ravenclaw, Kristen-Ravenclaw, Juan-Griffyndor and Reid- Hufflepuff. And me, well, the Sorting Hat refused to announce me properly, instead saying “Griffyndor...” (Applause) “SILENCE! But ALSO...” (Concerned looks exchanged around the room, especially the headmaster, who stood up and giving the hat an anxious look) “Also a Slytherin...” The headmaster quickly rushed over to the hat and whispered a long speech to him quickly and angrily, but the hat turned him down and declared me both. He decided me to stay with the Gryffindors, but now he’s hired someone to investigate records and talk to the Sorting Hat. Sometimes I sneak into one of the corridors to meet the Sorting Hat to discuss about the Sorting issue, but nobody knows yet (Pfft not even you) his explanation we’ve chatted about.

I named my pet owl Pig, after one of my favorite great wizards, Ronald Weasley, had named his own owl. Though mine doesn’t look like a “Pig”, for he is an old, dumb owl, successfully arriving and delivering but with a following urge to take a long nap.

I have a study group, and we meet usually around the quidditch field. I love to slowly learn and study for owls instead of cramming it in. Which is confusing to most of my friends, considering my personality.

I love to be outside or sneaking around and exploring the castle either alone or with a friend or two, but I tend to not enjoy it with more than one person.My patronus is a silver, not grey, cat with mysterious white eyes, also my usual transformation subject in that class. I can count quite a few people who avoid me because of how... “odd”...I seem to be. Rumors are starting that my eyes open white as my patronus while I’m sleeping at 12am on the dot, and close at 1am on the dot also, which I don’t believe...but, what is really going on that I don’t know about?
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