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"Hufflepuff king", introvert!! *Feeling Alone , OWL me , me alwayz there*

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Name:- Victor Weasley

Sorting experience:- A proud Hufflepuff , seriously when i sat the sorting hat was like "Hufflepuff", to be honest i thought it would sort me in gryffindor , it didn't apparently, but believe me i was happy after sorted into Hufflepuff.

Favorite subjects:-. "Care of magical creatures" was my favourite subject, my least favourite was arithmancy, numbers have been my allergy since my childhood.

Blood status:- WEASLEY
Basically we are far relatives of Weasley , we visit them for every holiday in burrow.
Am from the Weasley background, even though we are poor , we enjoy and spend time with our family to the fullest . It is hard to be poor with a Weasley tag, it didn't affect my personal life at all, even though it embarrased , it didn't matter most of the time.

Strength and weakness:- My greatest strength is my love and kindness towards others and thats the same thing that can defeat me.

Personal life:-. I have always fascinated about magical creatures and beasts , and since my uncle Charlie is a dragon lover i got some notes and he always guides me in that. Magic is a gift that only some are gifted with, its a treasure boon for me.i will help anyone with magic , of its the last hope they have .i have always hated my family, since they never agree with their egos and they are muggles, and my mom , dad they never really fit in, my mom she is a sweet , strong lady , they think i ran off from the house, I didn't know i was a wizard, before i was eleven.Nope i wasn't there when "Voldemort" was raising for his power but my uncle Ron Weasley did, many of my uncle's and aunty did, i still remember those stories of uncle George
. I have always been a lonely kind of guy, "ALONE IS WHAT I HAVE , ALONE PROTECTS ME".

Pets:- Ofcourse i have a pet named "KAV" she is a hippogriff, i found her in a lake side, when i was walking by forest side in the evening , around Swiss border, when i visited there , she was a abondoned chick, i really donno why she was left aside .she is super different than other hippogriffs , she thinks am her best friend, and she gets super nervous when someone , unknown visits me, she just goes behjnd me , and she thinks it hides her. So magical creatures and beasts have ever since have been my love and home, "Hogwarts is my home". Always.
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