Antoinette Quincy

The Nobody

“If honestly you only wanted me, why did you choose?”

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(Can’t think of one Right now...)

Full Name: Antoinette Elma Quincy
Age: 15 (depending on the RP)
Sexuality: Doesn’t Matter
Gender: Female (She/Her pronouns)
Family: Damon Zeke Hatter (Cousin)
Helena Evelynn Hatter (Again... Cousin)

Backtstory (unfinished)

Antoinette was born in Belfast Ireland and as a baby, her mother traveled to America to see her sister Violet, but got an illness during the trip. She grew up in Minnesota, nursing her mom back to health, reading the many, MANY books in her home, and basically doing adult chores than what a kid does. She never went to school, never left the house unless it was to get groceries, and never met anyone her age. She made money by stealing, selling, and doing... well... adult things.

She was arrested for stealing money from an ATM, an was kept in jail for days. When she got back home, her mother was nowhere to be seen. Antoinette was on the brink of insanity, when a young man by the name of Hunter, helped her back onto her feet, baby steps at a time. She then fell in love with him. When she was thirteen, she married him. It was perfect in the beginning, until it got abusive. She ran away, running into other men, then running away from them. She then went into hiding, Finding an abandoned house in the woods, then settling in there. She realized that there where two people I’m the world.

Ones who hunt, and ones who are hunted.
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