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Name: Yalela Aisley Mirez
Also Known As: Lela, Aisley, Lily.
Titles: Blue hair, Hermione Granger 2.0
Age: 15
Birthday: April 14
Astrological Sign: Aries
Nationality: Irish
Gender: Female, Pansexual
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

About Him/Her

Personality: Sassy, sarcastic, smart-ass 24/7, Hilarious, protective of herself and her friends, stands up to anyone, really introverted when she's alone.
- Dogs better than cats.
- Quidditch (she only watches, though)
-Black (the color)
- Any spider. No matter how big or small, she still screams like bloody murder when she sees one.
- Herbology
- She loves every sport. Muggle or wizard.
- April fools and Holloween. Too many pranks and spiders.
- Pink (the color)
Hobbies: Reading, studying, and every dangerous sport
Fears: Spiders, losing all her friends, a low grade.
Strength: She's the best at giving presents.
Weakness: Spiders.
Talents: She can wiggle her ears, change any facial feature (she's a metamorphagus), singing.
Appearance: (you can just look at my PFP)

Height: 5"4
Skin Tone: pale
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Description:
- Color: Tealish-blue
- Highlights: dark blue
- Length: short
- Style: She just lets it down.
- Scars: she has one her hip by being thrown across the room in a duel.
- Piercings: nose rings
- Tattoos: she has some on her arm.
- Scent: Either smoke or Vanilla, if she puts on perfume.

Father: Jane Mirez
Mother: John Mirez
Siblings: Marcus Mirez
Best Friends: Chloe Park, Raphael Garfield, Vea Martinez (They're my OC's as well)
Friends: Courtney Lockheart (not LockhArt), Januelle Dallo, Sofia Mendes. (The only witch is Courtney. They're my OC's as well.)
Love Interest: Single and interested
Enemies: Lol. She has none.

School: Hogwarts (originally from beauxbatons, but switched because she got expelled by setting the school table on fire. So, she switched to Hogwarts)
House: Slytherin
Best Core Class: Potions
Worst Core Class: History of Magic

- Length: 9 and a half
- Flexibility: Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
- Wood: Alder wood
- Core: Dragon heartstring
Pets: Her dog, Wolfstar. (Dumbledore allowed her to have him.)
Boggart: Her family and friends dead.
Animagus/Patronus: Dapple Grey Mare
Amortentia: Vanilla
Extra Information

Quotes: "Violence isn't the answer, but it is an answer ;)"
Theme Song: My shot (Hamilton)
Food: Chicken
Drink: Blue Lemonade
Color: black
Animal: Dog
Flower: Rose
Season: Winter
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I just removed some things.
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