Altair Orion Malfoy


I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high functioning sociopath. Do your research.

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Being a Malfoy has never been easy - many family traditions and expectations are heavy on my shoulders - but it is a burden that I wear with pride.
NAME: Altair Orion Malfoy (yes, this is literally 'Orion Orion Malfoy'.)
GENDER: Male. Cis.
LOOKS: Blonde, tousled hair. Sun-kissed skin. Blue eyes. Tall and athletic.
TRAITS: Detail oriented. Brusque. Determined. Rude.
FAMILY: The Malfoys. Need I say more?
BIRTHDAY: 29/08/2002
WAND: Acacia wood. 13 inches. Unicorn tail hair.
PERSONAL MOTTO: "I don't need my family to be great, but it helps to be a Malfoy."
PETS: An Eagle Owl. His name is Claudio.
FRIENDS: None, yet. I suppose I'll add them when I get them.
((Yeah yeah, another Malfoy character. Chill, at least he's more well-rounded than loads of others.))
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