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NAME: River Isabella Vivian Elizabeth Roselle

GENDER: Cis Female

LOOKS: Obviously it varies, but she usually has rather dark auburn hair cut in a bob, pale skin dotted with freckles, stormy grey eyes and tends to wear glasses - why she can't use magic to fix her myopia, she has no clue. River's figure tends to be what could be called an 'hourglass figure'.

FAMILY: River has no notable magical ancestors, but her Grandmother is a powerful French witch named Bianca Roselle. When Grindlewald rose to power around Europe, she hid people who spoke out against him, and led her town into a rebellion. River's Grandfather was a German Auror who attempted to capture Grindlewald when he started attacking Muggles in Germany. Her grandparents and parents also fought against the tyranny of Voldemort by helping with overseas information for the Order of the Phoenix. Her mother, Reyna Roselle, was powerful Auror, was killed by a member of the One True Light Organisation. Her father, Mark, never forgave himself or metamorphagi, and became neglectful towards her. River's twin sister, Rain, is a Gryffindor who tends to ignore her. Her older sister, a Hufflepuff older by two years named Rowan, is altogether more sympathetic.

BIRTHDAY: 24/10/2003 (Fourth Year)

WAND: Her wand is maple wood, with a phoenix feather core and an unyielding flexibility. She was ecstatic when she found that maple wood favours travellers, but phoenix feather cores have been known to do impulsive magic, so she will have to keep an eye on my pets when they are around my wand!

FAMILY MOTTO: 'Facta, non verba.' (or 'Deeds, not words'.)
The Roselle family motto was created by Alessandra Roselle (nee 'Devraux') in the year 1572 after the death of her husband, Lionel. To honour his memory, Alessandra created a motto based on his own personal mantra; that actions speak louder than words.

PETS: A Boobook owl named Laertes, a ginger kitten named Jinx and a Niffler named Nebuchadnezzar (but Nebby for short).

FRIENDS: Evelyn Gallagher, Lila Verbist, Ava Lovecharm, Xander Lovecharm, Alyssa Abbott, Mason Lovecharm.

BF-GF: None throughout her years at Hogwarts.

SPOUSE: Eventually, Persephone Mallory (another OC of mine).


As the only known metamorphagus in her family, River spent the first few years of her life being viewed as 'incredibly special', especially by her mother and father. She used her ability to manipulate her physical appearance to her advantage pulling many tricks on her friends and family - all in good spirit, though. By the time she was six, she was sure that she and her sisters lived the best life possible in their little cottage in Yorkshire.
On her eighth birthday, however, everything changed. A Ministry employee was charged with telling the happy family that Reyna Roselle, the mother, had been killed in action by a terrorist organisation comprised of the last followers of Voldemort and the Dark Arts. Mark, the father, pushed everyone away, especially River; as a metamorphagus, his irrational and grief-stricken mind held her responsible for Reyna's death, and he notably began to favour her twin sister.
River made it to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, throwing herself into her studies and making a few friends along the way - Mason, Xander & Ava Lovecharm, as well as Alyssa Abbott. Due to her 'difference' - being a metamorphagus and a Hatstall was, as she learned, not a winning combination - she was taunted by Persephone Thana Mallory, a pure-blood whose parents had worked against Reyna in some Ministry cases linked to their involvement with Voldemort.
At the age of seventeen, River left Hogwarts and began work at the Ministry of Magic. She became an Auror, and by the time that she was twenty one years old she was one of the leading Aurors in her department, occasionally helping out in trials as well. It was then that she decided to adopt her first child, Sophia, who's parents couldn't care for her after their divorce. Sophia was three, and, though shy, soon warmed up to living with River as her mother. The young girl helped River and Rain, her estranged twin, to reconcile after years of prejudice and hatred. When River was twenty two, Rain disappeared. It was soon discovered that she had been killed by the same organisation who had killed her mother.
After being captured by the One True Light organisation - the very group that killed her twin and her mother - at the age of twenty three, she finally managed to kill the leader of the group with the help of a fellow Ministry Auror named Ceri Maddox after the leader was stupid enough to greet her in person. She and the other Auror escaped and the One True Light organisation was disbanded.
It was soon revealed that the founding members of the One True Light organisation were Persephone's parents. The young woman, having decided to 'go straight' after Hogwarts and become a Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, was absolutely distraught. Remembering that her parents had cursed certain artefacts so as to protect them from prying Ministry eyes and being aware that River and a group of other Aurors were going to investigate the Mallory mansion, she joined them there and warned them of the perils, putting aside her long-time grudge against the Roselle family and accompanying them through the house.
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