Alvern Sirius Snowflake

Student, Mental Mediwizard

A blue-eyed boy with grey hair sits on the attic looking at the stars and wondering....

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  • Argentina


SnowFlake Characteristic :
Age : Student 10-15, Mental Mediwizard 23-25 y.o (depending on RP)
Birthdate : August, 17
Blood Status : Pure Blood
Wand : Burnt Peruvian Viper tooth bone with dragon heart-string core, 13" long.
Ability : Psychologist, Mentalist, and Transfigurist wanna be (student).

Mother : Aixa Almatiar (Transfigurist)
Father : Mikhail Aramadz SnowFlake (Auror)
Older sister : Rossweisse Almatiar Snowflake (Huntress, potioneers)

House : Gryffindor.
Hobby : Sneaking around hogwarts corridor (student).

Pet : Rare white Phoenix named white (Mental MediWizard), White owl named whiskey (student)

Hogwarts Student Character :

Alvern Sirius SnowFlake. He is a grey haired boy with the blue eyes. His parents are pure blood magician. His Mother has Latin blood, Aixa Almatiar SnowFlake. When Triwizard tournament held, she met his father, Mikhail Aramadz SnowFlake, Russian wizard. Aixa is transfigurist while Mikhail is Auror.

Experience with Father.

Mikhail was a bad tempered man. He almost hit snowflake with a curse spell but Aixa came on time and saved the baby boy.
(on process)

Experience with mother.

Two years living like hell, Aixa decided to move to Argentina and lived with her family. For the next year she showed her transfiguration skill to her baby. The most exciting spell for the baby was "Avis" spell. He often laughed hard after a flock of bird came out from her wand.

Personal quote :
Do what you wanna do and dont fake it!

Personal notes :
1. Love to RP with anyone. Owl me and make friends or r...relationship.
2. expand the story please!
3. love to hear personal stories.
4. blunt person.
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