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Hello, I’m Dandelion Malfoy and I love books, animals and dancing in the rain. As you can see I’m a Hufflepuff, which you can imagine did not sit very well with my parents. My wand is 10 inches long and is made of redwood with unicorn hair in the core. I’m already able to conjure a full corporeal patronous which takes the form of an adorable red squirrel I’ve decided to name Cooper.
I’m also a metamorphagus and along with having the ability to change my appearance at will I am also able to take the form of any animal I wish. The natural color of my hair is the trademark Malfoy platinum blonde and my skin tone is insanely pale. The trait that has set me apart from the rest of my family since birth before my abilities were discovered is my eyes. They are a icy blue tinged with a silver ring around the outer edge of my iris that you can only see if you stare.
There was a time where my mother would beg while my father would threaten in a feeble attempt to sway me to permanently change the color of my eyes to the traditional steely gray. Their relentlessness eventually got so bad that during a particularly important gala I decided to give them a nasty shock. I showed up with flaming red hair, similar to the Weasley's, pinned in a messy bun at the top of my head with my wand sticking out of it, complete with a rather spectacular undercut. My eyes flicked between green, hazel and brown depending on the angle you were looking at. Needless to say my father was fuming by the end of the night but couldn't hide me away because his presence was mandatory. Since that incident we've decided I could do whatever I wished with my appearance and I was never allowed to any important events again.
I'm currently caving temporarily to my parent's wishes and my eyes are the Malfoy gray they adore so much. The reason for this is to match my new hair which they do not approve as much of. It's a bright bubblegum blue identical to the muggle artist Halsey in her music video for 'Now or Never'.
My true friends before Hogwarts were limited to my twin brother (older by a mere sixteen minutes), and our shared best friend Blaise Zabini, who I've adopted the nickname 'Bean' for. My parents handpicked a few others for me, but Pansy Parkinson had more spit than words spilling from her lips and the Greengrass sisters were too bland. I was left with an overflowing bank account my parents gave me simply to keep up our snobby image and a lot of unsupervised time as Draco was absorbing most of the "Pureblood Training" so what else was there for me to do? Well buy as many pets as possible of course! A prideful Verreaux's owl named Zing resides on top of my wardrobe, a pair of huskies named Jack and Ace follow me loyally wherever I go and Bengal kitten Link and ragdoll kitten Lulu roam the house taking a liking sitting up high and haughtily staring down at anyone who passes by. I'm looking into investing in a suitcase or trunk similar to that of Newt Scamander's charmed with 'Capacious Extremis' to store more creatures of the magical variety. I would greatly enjoy caring for a niffler or two, despite the intense supervision they require.
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