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hey – australian harry potter fan – in a nutshell, i'm your stereotypical nerd who doesn't use proper grammar but oh well

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Greetings I'm Blythe Nikko, a half-blood Hufflepuff witch. My mother the magical one in the family and she couldn't have been happier when I got my letter as an eleven year old. My dad was proud to but you know– I guess he kinda felt left out. I dunno. Though as of right now, I'm in my fourth year and absolutely love Care of Magical Creatures, Astronomy and Transfiguration, although Potions is okay as well.
At my home, I have a gorgeous little Snow Bengal named Marble and my trusty owl pal Spice who is a Short-Eared Owl – both are gorgeous creatures and I wouldn't give them up for anything. Sounds cliche, I know, but deal with it.
name – blythe nikko
age – 15
zodiac – taurus
gender – female
sexuality – pansexual

appearance – blythe olive-skinned and is a little on the short side with dirty blonde hair in a pixie cut and several freckles on each of her cheeks. she has bright amber eyes that look golden in certain lighting and when she isn't in her uniform, you can usually find her wearing a dark blue sweater over a white t-shirt, and a pair of skinny jeans, as well as a pair of black sneakers. from time to time, she wears a pink, yellow, and blue bracelet which kinda gives away her sexuality if you pay close enough attention, and she also wears a pair of basic silver stud earrings.
personality – blythe prefers to be by herself though don't be afraid to approach her, she just likes to observe life from a distance, but from time to time, she will approach people. once she considers you a friend, she'll most definitely look out for you and try her best to make you smile if you're ever feeling down, with the help of her silly little puns. she also has a habit of hiding her emotions and won't usually talk if she's in a bad mood, but other than that – she can be quite sarcastic from time to time.

mother – ellie nikko (alive)
father – lucas nikko (deceased)
siblings – x
don't be afraid to message me – I'm free to roleplay most of the time and will try to be active but heading into senior school (year 10) is going to be an – experience, with a lot of homework.
[ note : profile picture doesn't belong to me, if anyone knows who created it, could ya tell me please? XP ]
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