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There were crackling flames, gently illuminating the dark caverns. Skulls were embedded in the walls, each with different engravings adorning them, and every so often a drip of blood would be shed from the freshest ones. The ground was damp and cold, and would slither under the boy's calloused feet as he stepped on it, as if it could sense him. Apart from the flames, it was pitch dark and only distant screams could be heard. In his hand was a ragged toy bear, of which one of the large button eyes had come undone, and he would grip on it's mottled fur until his knuckles turned white. His legs were thin and decayed, covered in bruises the color of summer, his eyes were a brilliant red, and his skin was as pale as a dove. He wore a golden crown atop his head, and after wandering along the darkness he found the throne he called home. Welcome to Gibbs's wall.

• Gibbs •

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Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Appearance: Gibbs is tall and pale, with messy dark brown hair that hangs in his face. His face is dotted with light freckles and bruises, and he has hazel eyes that, on occasion, shift to a deep red hue. He's thin, although it's hard to tell under the auburn cape he wears overtop his lanky arms.

Personality: Gibbs is often childish and kind-spirited. It can be difficult for him to process things, and he often reverts to a sense of being lost. He has trust issues and it's hard for him to show vulnerability to strangers, although he keeps his friends very close to him.

Abilities: As a demon, and the inheritor of the throne of hell, Gibbs's abilities only adhere to causing suffering. Although he rarely likes to use his abilities against others, he can get very angry and use them to cause damage.

Weaknesses: Gibbs has a very merciful side. He often feels the need to make up for the pain his father caused others, although he can get quite defensive. He has a very delicate self esteem and blames himself constantly. He also has trouble meeting others and socializing.
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