Alex ~Alexia~ Williams

Bisexual Bean

Don't die :D That'd be bad.

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And now, the weather.

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<center>Evening Dorks,</center>
Welcome to my page! I'm just your average clumsy, lovable half gay dork.
Ummm, I dunno where to start with this, so I'll just tell you random information about me :D

<center>Information About Me :D</center>
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~~ Alex
Technically, it's Alexia, but I feel like Alex fits me more. Feel free to call me whatever though. I'll answer to any name.

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~~ just turned 16, so I'm still in my fifth year
Ayyyy, I can legally drive

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~~ I'm very outgoing
~~ I'm pretty flirty
~~ I put other people before myself
~~ I like to talk a lot, but normally I don't say anything of any meaning
~~ If you date me, you'll be treated like a prince/princess

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~~ I act like a top most of the time
Trust me, I'm not...
Or am I? *wiggles eyebrows*

~~ I'm clumsy as all heck
~~ I'm bi, if you couldn't tell
~~ I like cake... a lot...
~~ I'm single as hell
please love me
~~ OH right, I have a twin sister, Delilah. So there's that

<center>Important People</center>

~~ My wonderful best friend/ramen buddy, Frankie,
You're such a bean and you deserves the world! I can't wait to frickn be your friend in the future
You need to get a someone so I can make sure they're good enough for you. And ya know, if ya don't
you'll be mocked ;)
~~ I guess my sister...
Darling Delilah, you uh... can be nice. You deserve to happy and you also deserve someone who will
make you happy :D
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