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I can't speak. But I sure can write!

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Being the only daughter in a family of five surely has it's benefits, but with every blessing comes a curse as well. The Allicio family is a renown family of musicians and singers. From the legendary opera singer Winona "The Lonely Nereid" Valery, to the revolutionary violinist Louis "The Orpheus" Rose, everyone in the family line bore the Allicio name with pride through the art of music. It wasn't a wonder that my parents had high expectations for what talents I might hold. Yet, on the day of my birth, there was one thing they expected least. I was born mute.

Ever since that day, my mom refused to look at me in the eyes. I tried my hand at every instrument I can find. Even then, her eyes beamed with sorrow, disappointment and disgust. My fingertips bruised from the guitar I strung every night, my back stiff from being neck-deep in practicing the piano at every given second, my head aches at the constant sound of drums and the astringent screech of the violin. After some time, I couldn't help but give up. My eldest brother, Lionel, was the only source of comfort my family ever gave me. I remembered how he would sneak in pastries after dinner for me and tuck me to sleep, and even sing me a lullaby to boot.

He was one of the first newborns in the family to abandon the musical career to pursue his culinary dreams. But I knew then that if he were to ever come back to being the amazing saxophonist he is, he would immediately become a success. Despite his kindness, I envied him. I envied his freedom, his joy, his talent.

It wasn't long until my mother snapped. She dragged me out of my bed that night and threw me out of the house. Cursing and swearing that I wasn't meant to belong to her family. I remembered her exact words, "I don't want a disgrace like you to taint my family name." Terrified, my bare feet rebounded from the cold ground, tripping as I ran from her. Following the lights of the city, I was desperate for a sign. Might I say, that the thoughts that ran through my mind that night weren't the most.. encouraging. As my eyes glanced at the crowded streets, they were suddenly fixed on another's pair. They were green, just like mine but these had a mystifying aura to them. Luring, almost. Before I knew it, like a moth to a flame, my feet moved as the figure danced through the crowd.

I didn't remember much of what happened there but I remembered being in an alley all of a sudden. I froze as she stood before me. The wind amidst the eerie silence was the only company we had, until she broke it.

"What's your name, child?" I spastically tried to sign my name but her hands on mine stopped me. "Speak, child."

Her voice echoed within the confines of my mind. I felt my chest burning and my throat tightening, almost as if someone was strangling me to death in a room plagued with smoke. My knees fell to the ground as I tried to bear the pain.

"You, I will give you a voice," she spoke, her hand steady on my shoulder, "but what is a blessing without a curse?"

I came back to my senses on my bed, with Lionel beside me, a relieved look on his face. As I took in my surroundings, I realized that my parents and my younger brother were in the room with me as well. My mother, as stoic as ever, stood by the door. Lionel turned and faced my mother, his expression transformed into rage.

"How could you do this? She's your daughter! I don't give a fuck if she's not some lorelei that you always dreamed of. You have no right to treat a child like how you treat her-" I stopped him from speaking as I held his wrist.

I remembered that moment. The moment my body surged with a newfound energy. A desire to... Sing. I licked my lips, took a deep breath before opening my mouth and a voice that I never recognised flowed out, "Hold me close.. and hold me fast.."

At that moment everyone turned to me, jaws unhinged and eyes as wide as they could get. "The magic spell you cast.. this is la vie en rose.."

"When you kiss me, heaven sighs... And though I close my eyes" I remembered my mother covering her mouth in awe, "I see la vie en rose.." The voice that travelled through the air attracted our neighbours, their children, their friends, and before I knew it, I was a national phenomenon.

My voice sounds like the most beautiful concerto accompanied by the resounding echoes of waves. For some my voice sounds like an angel's choir, and for others a seductive devil's march. There was one thing for sure though, the Lorelei's voice is able to invoke an alluring spell upon those who hear her melodies. That is her blessing. Her curse, however, is that her voice can only be used to sing.
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