Evie Hummel


I am a proud Ravenclaw! I hope my house wins the cup this year! If you don't know where I am, you can best find me in the Astronomy Tower!

  • Joined December 2017
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 19 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


My parents are very close with the Malfoy family. Really, close, and I come from a family of Slytherins, and I hang out with a lot of Slytherins, so I was shocked when I got put in Ravenclaw. But, it took the sorting hat 5 minutes to say it because of so many things going through my head. I guess I am a thinker. My parents found out that I was put in Ravenclaw, they immediately send a howler, saying that I am not their daughter anymore, due to the fact that I was put in Ravenclaw. But, I stayed with my best friends Fred, George, and Hermione, and I was okay with not being apart of the Hummel family. Weeks into my year at Hogwarts, my parents realized how perfect it was that I got sorted into Ravenclaw. They sent a letter saying how sorry they were, and they wanted me back as their daughter. Now I am apart of the Hummel family again! I have a twin brother, Ethan. Instead of him coming to Hogwarts, he was transfered to Durmstrang. My strengths include, reading, writing, spells, being optimistic, and my singing. My weaknesses include, being sad, my family, my twin brother, or being vulnerable. If you can't find me in my classes or in the Ravenclaw Common Room, you can best find me in the Astronomy Tower, the Library, hanging out with Hermione, helping Fred and George with pranks, or in the Great Hall studying.
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