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My name is Maggie LeStrange, and I belong to Slytherin house. Though I feel I Slytherin is only a natural choice for me, the sorting hat did have difficulty choosing between that, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw - making me a rather interesting character, I suppose. My favourite classes are DADA [Defense Against the Dark Arts], Potions and Transfiguration. I'm not very good at Herbology or Divination (load of malarky if you ask me), but overall I am generally an A-grade student. Though I don't think it matters, I am a Pureblood: but, for the record, my family is no longer one of sinister prejudice against anyone who is not of 'pure' decent. For this reason, I have not been pressured into hating others who are different from me, and I'm grateful for that.

I was about 7 years old when Voldemort was defeated (yes, he must be named). Growing up in a time where even my family feared him was scary I suppose, but now that he is gone, I feel that living in a time when he was around has taught me many things.

My greatest 'strength', I believe, is my resilience through ambition. I started life in 'poorer' circumstances than most but was determined to improve my life and as such, I became ambitious in what I wanted to achieve - which got me further than anything else would have done. My weakness, however, would be my nihilistic personality, and the negative impact it has on me when I lose hope or motivation.

After I have finished my NEWTs, I would like to study Defense Against The Dark Arts at 'degree' level, whereby I can become an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. I know I can have ulterior motives in my actions occasionally, but I wish to help the magical world by fighting against dark wizards and witches, so that an event such as Voldemort can never happen again.

What do I really want? ... Fulfillment, I think. Whether through becoming 'successful' or by helping others, I wish to have peace and hope and know where I am going.

My one pet is a white cat, called Ruby, because she was born with reddish-coloured eyes. She is now 5 years old, and she is very friendly. Bit clumsy though.

In terms of my family... I suppose you can guess whereabouts I'm descended from. However, any negative relations have been put in the past. My parents are really quite understanding of everything I do, and-- oh yeah, I suppose I should mention that I have two mums? I mean, I don't see it as 'weird', but you might find it interesting, I don't know. :) Of course, I biologically have a father, but my parents are my mums and they're the best in the world. *cringe*.

Anyways, Hogwarts is my home and magic is my oxygen.
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