Viktoriya Osipova


Hi! I am a ballerina who loves Harry Potter, Dance, Books, and Gymnastics.

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  • Ukraine


(Older Student) I am a half-blooded Slytherin in my sixth year, and come from a pureblood father and Muggle mother. I am Ukrainian, and transferred to Hogwarts went my parents moved here. I often struggle with blood purists in Slytherin, as my family has always wanted me to experience the fullest of Muggle and Wizard worlds. I was placed in Slytherin mainly for my ambition, where I wish to be a Principal Dancer in the Royal Ballet. I have danced since I was six, and continue lessons with a Muggle teacher in the summer, and practice on my own in the winter months. I am rather short for my age, but I make up for it with my speed. I do not speak English the best, and often struggle with verbal spells, but I make up for it with my potions skill. I went to Muggle school up until age eleven when I got my letter, and I continue to study Muggle maths with worksheets sent by owl by my mother, as I wish to pursue a Muggle career in ballet. As for siblings, I have an older brother named Viktor Who didnt go to a wizard school, as he wishes to pursue a muggle career, and a Younger sister named Royale, after the (fictional) town we lived in, but prefers to go by her middle name, Valentena. She is too sick to go to School, but plans on being a herboligst, (depending on the time, Valentena may have hones to Hogwarts, If So she is a Hufflepuff.)
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