Alyssa Abbott


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  • Member of Ravenclaw
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Main Character

name: Alyssa Alexandra Abbott
nicknames: Aly, Lyssa, Lys, and triple A (only by some people tho)
house: Ravenclaw
blood status: pure-blood with a little bit of veela from her mothers side, which is why she has golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes.
Birthday: February 26
wand: pearwood, Phoenix feather core,10 1/2 inches, solid.
patronus: Horse, white mare.
pet: snowy owl named rose
likes: books, all classes really , quidditch.
year: 5th. ( can change depending on the rp. she's a prefect when rp as 5th year and head girl when rp as 7th year.)
dislikes: blonde stereo types

About: Alyssa was born in a little town just outside of London. she has a twin brother and an older sister and brother, she is the youngest of them all. she's a pureblood and started attending Hogwarts with her brother. her brother and her were always together their entire lives but when they arrived he got sorted into Gryffindor and she got ravenclaw. blonde stereo types make her mad, as she is a blonde and people are surprised when she says she's a ravenclaw. the truth is she loves books and learning and she can't wait to learn more! Alyssa and her siblings are all in different houses. she's in Ravenclaw, her twin brother in gryffindor, her sister is in hufflepuff and her brother is in Slytherin. when Alyssa leaves Hogwarts she hopes to be a healer St Mungo's hospital for magical maladies and injuries. she's always had an interest in being a healer ever since her mum told her all about it, though her mum had to quit after she had Alyssa and Austin.
Face claim: Scarlett Leithold

I mostly RP with Alyssa but if you wanna RP with any of my other characters feel free to post a starter on my wall saying who you'd like to RP with. I might make my other characters pop in every once in a while tho.

Other Characters:


mother: Gabriela Abbott (nee Fawley) 1/2 veela,1/2 witch. she was a healer at St.Mungos but had to quit after she had the twins because of issues with her and the twins.
face claim: Jennifer Aniston.
father: Elijah Abbott, Wizard. Auror.

Austin Abbott:Alyssas twin brother,17 minutes older.Gryffindor.
tristen Abbott: 4 years older. slytherin, done school. Auror in training, All the Abbott men eventually become aurors.
Abigail Abbott:1 year older. Hufflepuff.
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