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Greetings everyone~ Feel free to talk / rp with me. I won't bite <3 - Ellie

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Born in England, Ellie Snape was a young girl who joined Hogwarts in her third year as her father, Professor Severus Snape, was unsure about all the things that troubled the school but thought it would be a good idea to send Ellie after the most famous Harry Potter and defeated the Chamber of Secrets.
Still knowing there would be troubles up ahead, Snape sent Ellie here to learn for the best of her future.
Sorted into Ravenclaw, Severus was upset that she wasn't in Slytherin but due to her intelligent, bubbly personality, Slytherin was not the place for her.
Best friends with Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang, she is a determined young girl hoping to pass all her subjects to be able to become a well-know Spell Researcher.
Trying to beat Miss Hermione Granger it can be a hard time ahead but she understands that it is not only her who knows these things.
As usually called ' teachers pet ' or ' book worm ' Ellie doesn't let them stop her from doing the things see loves, reading and studying with Miss Granger.
She is usually misjudged as for being Snape's daughter as a mean, strict, rude person while she is really a honest, kind and brave person.
Not knowing about her father's dark secret, she always tries to lighten up the mood of him, and everybody, and very good at lots of subjects.
Her best friend Eclar Dumbledore, and herself like getting up to lots of mischief together, as well as supporting Ron Weasly, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.
She truly aims for the best, and never will you see a sad, disappotined Ellie.
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