Sophia Williams


( yes that's Madison beer in the profile pic, using her for this character)

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name: Sophia williams.
blood status: half-blood (muggle born mum and pure blood dad)
house: slytherin
year: 4th year
wand: 10 inches,willow, unicorn hair core
siblings: A younger brother named Liam who is 2 years younger but in Ravenclaw.

Sophia grew up in a small town in Ireland. Her mum wasn't aware at first about her fathers past but found out when Sophia started showing signs of magic as a baby. Growing up, she never felt like she belonged or fit in anywhere. She always was the weird kid that would do weird things, which usually had to do with her magic but she couldn't say that to the muggles. Once she turned 12 she finally got her Hogwarts letter. Sophia was so excited to start her first day. Her dad took her to diagon alley and as soon as she stepped in she instantly felt like she belong. when she got to Hogwarts the sorting hat sorted into Slytherin, as she's can be very ambitious, resourceful, and loves being a leader. Sophia is a chaser for the Slytherin quidditch team when roleplaying.
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