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“Nothing's going to change until you decide you want it to change.” - Tori Spring

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Fill your life with adventure, not things. Have stories to tell, not things to show.


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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. IT DOES."

About Me (Account Owner):

Hey There! I'm Raegan, I also go by Rayne, and I've been on hogwarts is here for 4 years (I joined November 2017)! My Favourite Colour is Green, but Yellow is also a really nice colour. I live in Scotland and Speak English and I'm currently learning German. 

I'm a photographer! And this year i plan on venturing out into more videography things as well as photography! I'm working on a portfolio for my work currently! If you want to see my work owl me or post on my wall! My social medias are under my deadname due to my family and people i know IRL following them - so if I do share them, please do not out me in comment etc. I will just delete your comment and block you! 

I'm an avid reader, and I really enjoy reading in my past time! My favourite books are Ash Princess, The Lives we've left behind and many others! Feel free to ask about the books i've read, i'll happily talk to you about it! Even roleplay within in the books i've read! 


"Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are ALIVE."

My Roleplay Rules:

1. I don''t mind swearing in Roleplays, as long as you don't use any slurs within the roleplay. I will automatically stop the roleplay and block you. (I will warn you first if it's a slur that is lesser known!) - I will use the term 'cunt' it's not a slur in the UK, I am aware it is in the US, but I use it and if you're not comfortable with this don't roleplay with me. 

2. Please attempt good grammar, spelling and puncuation. If you misspell a word every so often it's not bad (I do the same don't worry) but if it's consistent I will just stop the roleplay, it makes it extemely difficult to read. I DO NOT roleplay with astricks, they're not fun to roleplay with, just try and write an actual response please, if you don't like this simply don't ask me to roleplay. I'm not dealing with your bullshit.

3. If you don't have a starter, and would like me to write the starter. Please state what you want to roleplay about, I'm not the best writer and I need some guidance to write a starter! If you have a starter you want to use, Just say and i'll give it my best shot to reply! 

4. I generally enjoy romance roleplay, both PG and Mature are okay. If mature I would prefer to keep it in owls and not have it very full on. (All my characters are Bisexual, as I myself am Bisexual). But I don't want roleplays to be fully focused on the romance between characters, that's boring, there needs to be another side to the plot that isn't based around the friendship of the characters.

5. Don't make yourself invincible and unable to get hurt. It takes the fun out of roleplaying. As well as, don't Mary Sue, they're my characters, I control what they do and say. This will result in me blocking you. Your just ruining the roleplay.

6. If I don't respond to your owl or roleplay don't spam me. I have a life outside of this website (most of the time) I have school, work, hobbies and spend a lot of time with my friends. I don't tend to ghost people, if i'm stopping the roleplay I usually will say something, somtimes I just forget to respond and close of the tab by accident. If you think i've done this please just say something nicely. It's genuinly an accident and I don't mean to do it. 

7. If I am roleplaying on a post, in a group, it's usually only one person. So please don't intrupt if someone has already responded! If you really want to reply to the starter feel free to respond in owls. I'm willing to roleplay there! 

8. I will only respond if you at least put in effort to make the roleplay fun and enjoyable. If you don't and consistently reply with a single sentance I will stop replying. (Please see Rule 9)

9. I would like to note, I suck at writing. So my response may never always be the longest. My spelling and grammar are the worst so I do appologise if any of it is wrong in the roleplay. But again, my responses may not always be like 3 paragraphs like some peoples are. I dropped english as a class for a reason, I was shit at it. Don't pressure me if my responses aren't great, it will result in you being blocked.

"The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy" 

Roleplay Character Information:

Victoria Hearts

Blaire Docherty

Scarlett Meyer

Nyxx Hart

Matilda Drewitt

Esther Whitlock - PJO OC

click for roleplay starters


"Life is much better when you are living in the present moment!"

My Fandoms:

Harry Potter (Obviously), Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus (Only First 4 Books), Umbrella Academy, School for Good and Evil (Only First 3 Books), Heartstopper

That's all I can think of the now, if you wanna ask if i'm in a fandom feel free to! My owls are always open and you can always post on my wall! 

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."

My Boundries:

1. If you are homophobic, islamaphobic, xenophobic, abelist, racist, misogynistic, etc. Leave my page now. I do not feel comfortable interacting with you, if you say anything to me that falls under one of these catagories, I will straight up block you, no questions asked.

2. I will not roleplay or interact with anyone who is one of the above statements, if you have anything to ask me post on my wall or owl me about it! 

3. I will not interact with anyone who openly uses slurs in their day-to-day language. If you want a list of slurs, google them so you know you're not saying anything wrong. - As i've said in my roleplay rules, I do use the term 'Cunt' it's not a slur in the UK, but I am aware it is in the US. If you aren't comfortable with this, feel free to leave my page, block me, whatever you so please.

4. If you push your beliefs on me, in normal conversation - in Roleplay it's different {depends on the scenario} [This includes, relgious beliefs, political beliefs, eating habits, etc.] do not interact with me. I have my own religious beliefs etc. that will likely differ from yours.

5. I will not roleplay with anyone that does not respect mine, or others, triggers and make sure you add Trigger Warnings if any are needed! I don't get triggered by a lot of things in general, but add a warning anyway, especially if you intend on going into detail in your response to me.

6. Do not call my 'pet' names, (pet, dear etc. - as well as calling me 'Miss' or 'Madam') it makes me really uncomfortable and I will just block you. This I will give you a warning, I will tell you it makes me uncomfortable but if you don't stop, that is when I will block you.


(My Triggers, are only Triggers on days where I'm having CRAP mental health. I'll usually state when these days are - I'm usually fine though! Also don't go into full detail - bad day or not <3)

 - Suicide

- Self Harm (accidental harming yourself is okay, just not on puropse) 

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