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Hallo Everyone!! I'm Lynx and I am so exited to be here! I love RP ing, and make up random characters and stories all the time! Bye!

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I grew up to the age of ten with my parents, Theodora and Alexander Arrow. My mother disappeared one day, and I never saw her again. My father went to the bar one night, and never came back home. I was an only child, and as we didn't have any remaining relatives, I fended for myself for a year, witch was made much easier given my magical abilities. When I turned eleven, my Hogwarts letter arrived. I was a bit wary about being back in society. I didn't know how to act around other people, but I went anyway. When I got there (after a lot of apparation) I was sorted into Ravenclaw. It took a while, considering all the houses before landing me in Ravenclaw.
I came to love Hogwarts, because I don't have a real home, and the school is about the closest thing I've got. I've made a few friends and all areas of magic fascinate me, dark magic included. I try to learn all I can about the way magic works, so I don't have a lot of free time. I don't have a favorite subject, but I have to say it's a shame we can't learn more about the more dangerous magic. Don't get me wrong, I would never actually use it, I just have a weird longing to learn all there is to know about the wizarding world!
Full name: Lynx Scar Arrow
Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent
Beaxbatons House: Rouerie
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (duh)
Favorite color: Blue
The real me:
Hewo!!! I'm Lucy but my friends call me L, and I love Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Hobbit, and basically any book that puts me in another universe! I'm 4 foot 11 (don't you dare judge me!!) and I have brown hair and greenish bluish eyes. I am spunky and love to laugh! I always am up for RPing, and that's it! Byeee!!! <3333
RP Rules:
Please none of this!! *Shakes her head* It's sorta confusing and puts a stopper on creative writing!
At least medium length responses! Generally the more I have to work with, the better the RP will turn out!
My RP's are almost always open, so if I post one and it doesn't say Open RP, just assume it's open.
I think that's basically it! (except obviously don't do anything impossible!)
BTW I like to save my RPs so please think about your responses!!
Bu bye!! <33
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