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I"m a Slytherin. My mum is a Slytherin so I'm sure that's why I got into this house but my dad is a Ravenclaw and my brothers are Gryffindor and Hufflepuff so it did take the hat a long time to sort me. I want to take Potions, DADA and Herbology the most. I'm a Pureblood so I feel like some wizards and witches take me more serious than they would do for some muggleborns and such. My greatest strength is probably how stubborn I am because I can finish and potentially win an argument. Although it's my greatest strength it's also my greatest weakness. I get into unessesary arguments because of it. I want to become a professor for potions after I finish school. The most important aspect of magick is probably how you can do things that muggles can't, it makes us special. I have two cats, Archie and Ava. Ava is very chill but she's also kinda moody. Archie, on the otherhand, is very hyper and he likes to play but also loves cuddling. The interesting thing about my family is that we all come from different houses, though my brothers think my mum and I are evil just because we're Slyhterin.
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