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I always knew I would be a witch my parents were Slytherin purebloods followers of You-know-who they hated Mudbloods and half bloods along with muggles trained me to be the same as them I am the most feared Slytherin it is said I am a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. I was still shocked when I got my letter my parents were so proud and took me to Diagon alley there I met the so called " Harry potter" yeah right like he was the boy who lived so skinny and scrawny and his friends ugh who would want to be friends with a blood traitor and a mudblood ewwww. This is my story you will probably find me beating up a first year or studying my potions notebook I am no ravenclaw but I am really smart see you around hogwarts and watch your back mudbloods and blood traitors because I will find you.

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