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Name: Mage Diana Achlys
Age: Hm?
Height: 5'8''
Eye color: Blue-Grey
Hair color: Bright red
Hair style: Buzzed in the back, really short and wavy in the front
Ethnicity: Australian
Build: Skinny but powerfully built
Blood Status: Pureblood
Patronus: Black Labrador retriever
Wand: 13 inches, Holly, Thestral hair core, obsidian veins that run halfway up
House: Griffindor
Boggart: All of their friends dead, and they killed them
Pets: A screech owl named Silent and a phoenix named Ice
Also Owns:
Half Stygian Iron, Half Titanium sword

Skill sets:
- invents spells for fun, ask me and I'll teach you
- Potions
- Draws

So the hat sorted me into Griffindor, and I wasn't all that surprised. It took the hat about two seconds to decide... But i'm so glad i'm a Griffindor. I like Defense Against the Dark Arts best, and astronomy the least. All those numbers and angles.. it makes me go mental. I'm a pureblood but I have nothing against muggleborns. Most people think that I'd dislike muggleborns and halfbloods, but I think that heritage doesn't matter as long as you make yourself a good person. I wasn't in the UK when Voldemort rose to power, I was in Australia, where I was born and raised 'till about five. My greatest weakness is that I literally will never stop fighting, even if it's a losing battle. I have chucked myself into harm's way one to many times because that was what I felt was right. My greatest strength is actually the same. Irony is cruel. Also, I hate arrogant people.
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