Luna Lee


I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

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Everyone expected Luna to be an Empath. It ran in the family, after all. But nobody expected her to be able to do... this. Luna could sense people's emotions, sure- but she could manipulate them too. She could make you feel the deepest sadness you had ever felt, or give you a high stronger than any drug could even attempt to reach. She could even evoke emotions that brought up past memories- or take them away, making you forget. This power was terrifying at first for her, to say the least. It took her a long while before she came to terms with her powers. But, through support from her parents and friends at Hogwarts, she honed her powers and came to terms with herself. After Hogwarts, she opened a shop to help others. She helped people cope with emotional turmoil and helped erase scars from the past, much like a therapist with more immediate effects. Of course, this job isn't permanent- but who knows what the future holds...
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