Sanjay G.

Ravenclaw Student

  • Joined November 2017
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 134 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Sanjay Govindarajan was born in Albany, New York. When Sanjay was 2, he moved to Greenville, South Carolina, where his family currently lives. When Sanjay was 9, his brother was accepted into Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This was a complete shock to his mother, who was a Muggle. Sanjay's father, however, was a Hindu Mantrik, which confirmed Sanjay's blood status as Half-Blood.
Two years later, Sanjay waited for his letter from Ilvermorny for ages, his father was confused when he found an acceptance letter from Hogwarts in his mailbox. Sanjay willingly agreed to go to Hogwarts, which was the school he had always preferred.
Upon arrival at Hogwarts, Sanjay had a hat-stall between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Sanjay chose Ravenclaw but hears the Raven-self inside. Sanjay loves the Ravenclaw common room, and intellectual practices, as well as the Hogwarts community.
Sanjay aims to be an Aurologist when he grows up. Aurology is the study of Auras. Sanjay is part Legilimens, but cannot read muggles, and only partially read magical folk. Sanjay first discovered his talent for Legilimency when he was five and he guessed which muggle university his mother went to, even though he did not know any.

Patronus: Badger
Wand: Spruce wood, Unicorn Hair core, 10 3/4 inches, surprisingly swishy flexibility
Boggart: Venomous Snake
Talents: Legilimency, Aurology
Hobbies: Mythology, Charms, Chess, Reading, Writing
Titles: Half-Mantrik, Half-Blood, Legilimens, Hogwarts student, Ravenclaw
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