Faith Weasley

Student/future Auror

Faith Weasley, bookworm, Quiddich player loves every supject, and Wants to find a great friend!

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Faith Weasley was a tall young girl with blue eyes. Her hair was very light brown with a tint of red. Faith was part of the amazing Weasley family. Daughter of Hugo and Grace Weasley. Most people said that Faith was most like her grandmother, Hermione. And they had many similarities. Faith was closest to her great aunt and grandmother, Ginny and Hermione. She spent the most time with them when her parents were at work. Hermione read with her and quizzed her and introduced her to magic books when she was 9. (books like advanced potion making) They laughed together and had much fun. Ginny taught her to play Quidditch. (Which was now Faith's favorite game that all Weasley's would play together.) But her favorite part about being with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny was their stories, their adventures, and tales. She loved their stories more than anything! But the one thing that Faith didn't like, was herself. She didn't feel special. Maybe Hogwarts will change that. Maybe She will have adventures of her own. Her best hope is to find friends who will stay with her until the end.
"Two days till my birthday," she told herself. "Almost 11"
And When that letter arrived; All she could do was smile.
Faith Weasley's Adventure was about to begin.
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