William Irving


Most people know me as that one super classy black guy. "Ambition is not a vice of little people."-Michel de Montaigne

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My name is William Staford Irving. I am currently a sixth-year and a proud member of Slytherin. I come from a wealthy, pure-blooded family off the coast of Peru. We've traveled the world many a time. I chose Hogwarts as it is host to the best magical education available. Father is a world-renowned alchemist. Mother works with goblins in the financial district of Taiwan. I'd like to describe myself as ambitious and hardworking. Someday I hope to become a potions master and work at the International Apothecary in France.
Appearance: I am of African and English descent. Dark-skinned, flat short haircut, steel gray eyes, a well-developed build.
Hobbies: Studying, brewing potions, playing wizards chess, researching ancient texts, and dueling.
Likes: Peace and quiet, intimate friendships, loyalty, tradition, class, respect, and well-mannered individuals.
Dislikes: The opposites of the above, as well as being treated differently for being 'black'.
Friends: Rowan Doran (BFF/partner-in-crime), Lillian Snape (Close friend and confidant), Holden Caulfield (He likes to complain a lot), Tamaki Suoh (Quite the charmer)
Enemies: Rowan Doran (My favorite idiot and competitor)
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