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I was sorted into Slytherin upon arrival into Hogwarts, I am not yet sure why the sorting hat made this decision but I was not a hatstall and he made the decision almost immediately. I like the defence against the dark arts class the most as I like to know how to protect myself against darker forces, I like transfiguration the least at the moments as I find it difficult. I am a half- blood, my mum is a witch and my dad is a muggle. However, my blood status has surprisingly not affected my life or how others treat me. I was not in the UK during the same time as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as I was not yet born. I think my greatest strength is that I am determined to do well in all classes. I think that my greatest weakness is that I am easily manipulated as I would do anything to make others happy. When I finish school, it is my dream to become a professor at Hogwarts, hopefully teaching potions or the defence against the dark arts. I think that there are too many fascinating aspects of magic to choose from, some of them are; spells, potions, apparation, werewolves and boggarts, I would like to use magic to help and teach others so that they have the chance to do incredible magic. I have a pet owl that lives with me at school, he is called Edward and he is sometimes quite badly behaved. There are nothing really interesting in my family but my dad doesn't always understand which can cause arguments between him and my mum.
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