Lily severe Black

Animal speaker/half breed

When i was first saw this place i fell in love with it. i am truly a wizard. my wand is made of yox with light and darkness, my mum and dad made it.

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(animal speaker) I can talk and listen to animals. very few can do this, only because the closest to people like me are people who could speak parathounge, and that too is really rare. only me, my mum, and dad can speak and listen to animals. I call this more of a curse than an ability. This is because i hear everything an animal is saying, and sometimes i don't want to hear it. My mum and dad died when i was 2, i spend most of my time in the forbidined forest, where i take care of all kinds of creatures. since my parents died a huge snake called Nigia started taking care of me. and, like snape, i am a double agent and i am a death eater. the reason i am a death eater is because voldemart took care of me when i was 2, basicly, he kinda did kill my parents but didn´t have the guts to kill me. It may be because my mum was darkness and my dad was light, so iḿ a mix of light and dark. even though i now live in hagrids hut, i still sleep out with the animals and centars in the forbidend forest,i also have real ears and a tail, this was because one of the death eaters pranked me and the curse couldn´t be removed. TRUE LIFE FACTS ABOUT ME: I am not living with my mom or dad.... they probally are dead. I am now living with relatives just like harry! I also am only 12, i am supposed to be in my second year but i just started a couple of weeks ago so it doesn´t really count. i also have some issues where i get too upset or depressed and i wish thing would happen that no one want to happen. i mostly wish this was all true, being in a real wizarding world and a real wizarding school. This is all true, this is not sad, this is the fact and the fact is good enough for me. I am really nice, if your nice or not mean or rude to me, if you are mean or rude to me..... things get messy. I am also half skeleton and wear a tron sleeved jacket with a poofy hood with a tank top and jean shorts. I have a little spiked collar and the same things around my ankles and wrists. I have an icy blue eye and a black hole with a purple star for my other eye. i also have sharp teeth and one tooth is silver. I am mostly happy and has many sides to me. I am a gamer and love to draw. There is nothing more special in the world that means to me as much as friends, so i try everyday to make new friends. I also am extreamly powerful and can be quite violent. I am easlty temperedand may seem a little nervouse. I'm really quite and shy at first, but once you get to know me, im really loud and I love to run around in woods and talk to animals. My bad side give me a flowy like voice(its form undertale) and jiant vine hands will shoot up and diable my victim. I am also very playful and am really kind- hearted. I am trustworthy and will protect my friends no matter what.
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