Lillian Aldobrandeschi

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I am a first year Slytherin student. Even though my family is made of Ravenclaws (except for my father's paternal family, Slytherin until my great-grandfather) I knew I was going to be wearing green at Hogwarts. My parents raised me to be open minded, they always encouraged me to speak up, so I have very strong opinions and a rather blunt personality. I am an only child and I have two older maternal cousins at Beauxbatons, I see them very rarely. I have a cat, that was given to me four years ago, named Aura. She's a Birman, and she's quite temperamental. She's affectionate and well behaved when she's with me, but she doesn't like strangers much. I also have an own that my parents bought me before coming to Hogwarts. Her name is Ambrosia, and she's a beautiful grey colour.

More about my family
As my surname suggests, I am partly Italian. My father is, while my mother is British. My father, Alessandro Aldobrandeschi, is from an ancient and noble pureblood family from Tuscany. In our family, we have the tradition of sendind the children abroad to study at Hogwarts, partly to learn English better, but for the most part because of how renowed it is. It's kind of ironic how my maternal cousins, who are from England, went to Beauxbatons to study instead.
My mother, Joselyn Dresdner, comes from a minor, relatively unknown pureblood family, one of the reasons why my grandmother (from my father's side) never approved of their marriage.
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