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For the first 12 years of my life, I studied and was homeschooled by my grandfather, Nicholas Flamel. He taught me alchemy and wandlore, something most people don't know he studied. My father gave up his life to cut down half of Grindelwald's army, by using a mix of his magical amplifying stone, and a spell he created himself. Ever since then, I have lived with my grandparents. I don't know anyone else other than my family, I was actually adopted by my father, who made me the next immediate heir of House Flamel after him.

At a young age, I accidentally spilled and drank a small amount of an enhancement potion my grandfather made to give to my grandmother. This was meant to help her with her aches, but instead, enhanced my features and abilities. My normal dark hair turned pitch black and became very long and wavy, something I sometimes despise. My average green eyes were now glowing. I'm not joking. Once I navigated a magic maze my grandfather made with my little glowing headlight eyes.

With an ability enhancement, I learned faster, not crazy fast, but at a moderately faster pace than others my age. I used the skills my grandfather taught me about alchemy and wandlore and created a wand for myself. I used a special stone my grandmother found and enchanted it to strengthen spells. I used beechwood (which I found oddly enough, very close to our home) for my wand wood. I found one of the most ancient phoenixes in the world, and strangely enough, was given a feather. The only other feather he gave was the phoenix feather in the very first wand ever created. I was given the wand when I was 8, and only used it when I turned 11. My wand is beech wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 and 3/4 inches, with reasonably supple flexibility, and a special feature my wand has is at the end of the handle with a small, glowing, green stone.

When I got to Hogwarts, at my grandfathers insistent, I gladly accepted all of the houses, even though most sneered at the Slytherins. As I was 13, I stood out like a sore thumb. Many whispered, but that didn't matter. I, however, didn't really know what house I wanted to be in until I was on the stool. I was to go undercover as a muggle-born. My name was to be Amanda Phoebe Lanier. That raised no suspicion. I was sorted into Hufflepuff, to my very delight. I was welcomed warmly by my wonderful house. At the time, Harry Potter and his friends were in the same year as me, so I was happy to learn quietly about him, and he was glad that someone else didn't stare starry-eyed at him. I was accepted into the group, but I declined the kind offer.

I later helped the Hufflepuff house rise quickly, but quietly, with house points. The professors were happy to see another student other than Hermione Granger be so eager to study. I wasn't the best at playing Quidditch, but I helped make strategies and became the official Quidditch strategist of the Hufflepuff house. At the same time, I gained some pureblooded bullies and some muggleborn allies. I also helped Sirius Black catch Peter Pettigrew, as my grandfather told me he saw Sirius Black's innocence from the beginning. So Harry was reunited with his godfather. However, I now made permanent enemies with the purebloods of the Slytherin house.

The bullies were mainly Draco Malfoy, Greg Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, Theodore Nott, and surprisingly, Astoria Greengrass. One day, in fourth year, I was fed up with the other houses picking on Harry, and teasing the Hufflepuff house for betraying their own champion, so I called them out for a duel. Nobody knew it was me who helped raise the status of the Hufflepuff house, (though it was entirely my wonderful house who did everything, I was just there to encourage them to stand up) so I had the advantage of surprise. My great friends supported me, and with their help, I finally built up the courage to tell everyone in Hogwarts my true title.

As Malfoy was the best dueler, I challenged him personally, and he gladly accepted. I asked Hermione to stand behind me in an overly large Hufflepuff sweater, which she happily accepted to help. As Draco turned around to begin the duel, I called Hermione from her hiding spot. I instructed her earlier to wave and give me overly large thumbs up signs while smiling like a fool. As Draco turned, he went beet red, something everyone missed save me. The funny thing was, I knew exactly why he was blushing. To put it simply, Hermione was like an adorable kitten in oversized clothing, and I knew he wasn't the only one affected. I saw Victor Krum looking down, and I scowled. Nobody messes with my OTP.

In his moment of distraction, I yelled out my true name. "I am Amanda Phoebus Ayla Flamel! I am the heir to the most noble, most ancient, and most powerful House of Flamel. I am Heir Flamel, and if any of you challenge me, prepare to face the full force of the Wizegamot, for I know they will always stand by my grandfather, Nicholas Flamel, creator of the Philosopher's Stone." Malfoy fainted, from Hermione or my speech I don't know. My bullies gasped, and my friends applauded. I have only started my fourth year (Hogwarts fourth year, not my fourth year exactly), but I know this year will be great.
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