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I was born to two happy pureblood wizards - no muggle blood in my body! - and I was loved and cherished for most of my life. It was a happy life, I was an only child and my parents loved me more than any parents could. I was sweet, innocent and kind, until it all changed...
Mama started getting more distant. Papa spent all his time in the garage, tinkering with something no one was allowed to see. Mama went out every night and came back drunk and singing, often with a man on her shoulder. I was six when Mama had another baby. She had another at eight. Delilah and Kyte, two adorable little siblings that Mama didn't even want or like. I looked after them.
And then Papa slapped Mama and Mama ran away. We were left here, a nine year old, a three year old and a few-month old with no one to look after us. Papa barely even looked at us. I made breakfast, made sandwiches for lunchtime and put beans and chips in the microwave. We'd had a house elf until I was seven and Mama drunkenly gave it a piece of underwear. Until I was ten.
We were moved to a muggle orphanadge after I ran away to get muggle authorities' attention. The orphanadge was cool - I no longer had kids to look after and I made friends easily enough. I enjoyed being rebellious. The older kids let me in on their alcohol games, and the kids "my age" taught me about vintage cars and punching people. Although, after almost a year surrounded by muggles, I was glad to go spend time with other wizards and witches.
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