Joey Lester

Scatterbrained Student

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Hey! Im Joey, a 4th year and proud member of Hufflepuff! Im in a good amount of classes, so you might have seen me somewhere before, but maybe not because the classes are pretty huge...nevermind. Anyway, I love drawing, dancing to crappy pop music, and magical creatures! Something about them is just so fascinating. I'm also a Chaser, and the Team Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, too!

Wand specifications: Apple wood, dragon heartstring, 7 1/2 in., swishy

Blood Status: Halfblood (Muggle dad, wizard mom)

Patronus: Ferret

Pets: A grey screech owl named Hoover and a siamese ragdoll cat named Otto

Appearance: 5' 6", with short, curly, black/purple hair, tan skin, and a strongish build. She has big hazel eyes with deep dark circles underneath them, a button nose, and lots of freckles. She's relatively curvy for a 4th year.

Personality: Hot headed, sweet, bold when comfortable, easily stressed out, a little bit of an insomniac, creative.

Normal Outfit (Not Hogwarts uniform): A sports jersey of any kind and a pair of black overalls, sometimes with a flower crown and always with beat-up red Chuck Taylors.

R. Status: Single
Sexuality: Bi
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