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Name: Adrien Barrett
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 14 (4th year)
Birthday: April 16th (Aries)
Blood status: Muggleborn
Nationality: English
Sex: Female
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Orientation: Asexual Aromantic
Personality: Sarcastic, stubborn, introverted, intelligent, blunt, pessimistic
Occupation: N/A
Likes: Animals, rain, adrenaline rushes, familiarity
Dislikes: Feeling estranged, overheating, authority, PDA
Strengths: Care of Magical creatures, creativity, determination
Weaknesses: Impatience, organization, self-esteem
Talents: A decent artist (pencil and paper/parchment), fairly good at creative writing
Height: 5'2"
Skin tone: Pale
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair: Shoulder length, thick and messy dark brown hair, usually sticking up in a few places
Scars: An inch long pale scar on his left shoulder from falling out of a tree as a child
Wand: Pine wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ¾" and Rigid flexibility
Pets: A female 9 year old Albino Clown Ball Python named Pineapple
Boggart: His parents and younger sister dead by his hand
Patronus: Sparrow
Info about me: Hi my name's Jaden and I relate on a spiritual level to sloths. That's it, that's all I got.
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