Amren LeFay

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"Sometimes you've got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences."

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Amren LeFay was born in 622 A.D. Her mother, Theresa LeFay, and her father, William Decantur, were both killed by enemy soldiers. She grew up an orphan and trained from a young age to be a soldier for the Camelot army. She realized when she was eleven that she was different than others; she was extremely lucky, and things always seemed to go her way. She realized a year later that she had magic. She ran away at fifteen and found a clan of Druids, who instructed her on the ways of magic. She learnt simple windless magic for three years until she managed to get a wand from a cloaked figure she never found out the identify of.

When she was twenty years old, she returned to Camelot, and joined the guard as a lowly soldier. She quickly rose up in the ranks until she was the highest-ranking officer in Camelot (barring Queen Gwenivere of course). She was the general of the Camelot Army at twenty-three years old. The same year, eighteen months after King Arthur's death, she became Queen Gwenivere's lover and confident. .

When she was twenty-five, the rival kingdom of Nyelheimen attacked. There was a great battle, and heavy casualties on both sides. The battle finally ended when Amren challenged the King of Nyelheimen to a duel of single combat. He accepted, and so began a duel that would change destinies. It raged for hours, neither of them resorting to magic, until the King cursed Amren's sword. It turned out that he was also a wizard.

Then began a different kind of duel. A duel of magic; the King had had twenty-five years of extremely advanced training, but what Amren lacked in experience she made up for with raw power. She managed to hold him off for two hours until she realized that it was futile; finally, she cast one final curse, locking her and the King into an unending loop. The rest of the world could continue on, she had saved Camelot!

But at what price? For she and the King were stuck in the duel for centuries, neither able to gain the upper hand or leave. If one of them finally managed to defeat the other, they were reset and began again.They were stuck. Until one day, when Amren managed to defeat the King for what had to be the hundredth time, there was no reset. The King did not rise again, and Amren managed to leave the valley where they fought.

But she did not return to the world she remembered. No, this world was full of 'cars' and 'telephones', and it seemed history had forgotten her. Not only that, but muggles seemed to not know of magic! The world confused Amren, and frankly, it also terrified her. She was not from the twenty-first century, but the tenth! Eventually, the Ministry of Magic found her, and began explaining her new life to her. She has a permanent residence in Diagon Alley, and makes a living by providing the ministry with previously unknown historical facts.


Amren LeFay is the only direct descendent of Morgana Le Fay. She is a lesbian but unlikely to form any sort of romantic attachment. She has extreme trust issues, and still gets flashbacks to her time within the loop with the King.


(Disclaimer: I'm an impatient bitch, apologies but I can't help it, so I'll probably nudge any role-plays I have and annoy you. Sorry.)

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