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I was sorted into Ravenclaw at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was born in America, but my parents wanted me to attend Hogwarts, becuause that's where they attended. We moved o the U.K. and became official citizens. I was a hat stall, taking the hat 5 minutes and 27 seconds to decide. It couldn't decide between Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Eventually, it settled on Ravenclaw. My favorite classes are DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts), Charms, Transfiguration, Care of Magjcal Creatures, and Ancient Runes. My least favorite class is Divination. I was born an Animagus, taking the from of a Black Stallion, which is also my patronus. I am a half-blood, born from two half-blood parents. I grew up in a muggle town, though, so I understand a lot more about muggles than the averge wizard (that isn't muggle-born, of course). My wand is Dogwood wood with a Phoenix feather core, 12 ¾" and Hard flexibility. I love reading and animals, especially owls and hipogriffs. When I graduate, I intend to be an auror, professor here at Hogwarts, or an author, seen as I love writing. I love butter beer and hope to be on a chocolate frog card when I become an adult. I am great on a broom and an excellent Ravenclaw seeker.

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