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I am the heir of the noble house of Slytherin and the heir of the noble house of Prince. Prove yourself to me and I might consider you a friend.

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Alexander Slytherin-Prince:
I've never cared about all the stares filled with hatred directed at me for being in this house. Nor about cruel remarks based on the reputation we've built over decades. "The evil house" is what we're called. A nickname neither wrong nor right.

My blood status is for me to know and for you to guess, but since I'm in Slytherin it wouldn't be too hard to guess to what blood family I belong. I would talk about my family, but I'm afraid noone's left to talk about as they all decided to die before their time.

My sorting took a while (Probably the longest sorting in decades). I had an enjoyable chat with the most intellectual being in the castle after all. Who would have though that talking to a hat could be so interesting, many secrets were revealed. in the end it obviously chose Slytherin. My best classes are Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts. I'm the top of my year in every subject but that's probably because I simply don't like hanging around other people and spent my time doing useful things. That might also be the reason why I'm currently Head Boy. My favourite subject is Potions but I enjoy all other classes exept Divination. It's simply pointless if one's not a seer.
When I’m not in class you can probably find me in the library, in the Forbidden Forest or sitting under a tree near the lake reading a book.
My favorite place in Hogwarts is on a tree in the Forbidden Forest. Noone goes in there so it's one of the most silent places in school. I also enjoy talking to the trees and animals there (I do undestand them). Their responces are not as annoying as human's.

So I guess I forgot to mention, that I'm not your average wizard.

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