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Hello! Here are a few extremely organized categories about myself.

My Life Before Hogwarts:
Birthplace- Godric's Hollow
Relatives- Grandfather (Garric Ollivander) Father (Fredrick Ollivander) Mother (Anastasia Ollivander) Cousin (Rebekah Petran, she is on HiH too)
Muggle School- I attended 'Miss Holly's School For Underaged Magical Children' from age 4 to 10

My Appearance:
Hair- Wavy, Brunnette, Long
Eyes- Bright Blue
Skin- Pale, White
Height- 4'9 but it changes to 5'5 over the years
Weight- 92 lbs.
Other: I have a bit of natural Rosy Cheeks, but not like Jacob Sartorius or anything.

Rebekah Petran - My Cousin, BFF, and Same Year
Amira Lestrange - She's Really Nice, And A Bit of a Trickster
Astarra Lovegood - She has such a good personality, so sweet
Lubna Lovegood - Pretty much the same as Astarra
Samantha Woods Snape - She's really supportive, and she is definitely a Trickster too
(If you want your name added to the list, please just ask me.)

Fun Facts:
Wand- Vine Wood 11 1/2 Pheonix Feather
Boggart- Werewolf
Animagus- Raven
Boyfriend- None, It's not really my thing
Patronous- Arctic Fox
Favorite Class- History Of Magic, Ancient Runes, Potions, Charms, DADA
Least Favorite Class- Herbology and COMC
Clubs- Quibbler (to join just ask me)

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