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When I looked into your eyes I guess I didn't recognize Who we are And all that we can be

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One day two great sorcerers from Hogwarts School who fought together at the Battle of Hogwarts, when they arrived, they graduated and took different paths. Years later, as they worked, Harry and Hermione married, having already spent a few years they had married they had a daughter who was given to Ana, the years went by and I was growing up, when I was 4 years old my parents had a son who was named Juan, both of us growing older, when I was 11 years old, On a Saturday afternoon in the afternoon my letter arrived and, as usual, while my mother went to breakfast, I arranged to go down to breakfast and Juan was playing with the family owl in the garden and my father went by mail. , when entering the house, I and Juan were at the table waiting for my mother to give us breakfast, when my father saw me he gave me my letter
On the envelope he said the address with an emerald green ink:
Miss A. Potter
Second Room
Prive Drive, 4
Little Whinging
I turned the envelope over and saw a seal of purple sealing with the shield of Hogwarts, seeing that it was my letter to attend Hogwarts, I said, "Mom, Dad, I received my letter! my parents very proud told me to open it, then take out the letter and read
Director: Minerva McGonagall
(First class, Great Sorceress,
Chief of Magicians, Confederation
International of Magicians)
Dear Miss Potter:
     We are pleased to inform you that you have
a position at Hogwarts College of Magic. Please,
Look at the list of equipment and the necessary books.
     Classes begin on September 1.
We await your owl before July 31.
Very cordially.
Minerva McGonagall
When I finished reading my letter, I asked my parents if they would accept sending me to school, to which my parents answered yes, then once they had decided it was because of the owl that we have in the house and took out a parchment in the one who wrote with a pen:
Dear Mrs. McGonagall
         We are pleased to inform you that you can tell
with our daughter for the next school year. The
We will take tomorrow to buy your things.
      We hope you are well.
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