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I am a Pukwudgie at Ilvermorny. However, I really want to visit Hogwarts and explore the world. After some convincing, I was able to move to the UK and now I go to Hogwarts. I was enrolled in muggle school until my letter came from Ilvermorny. I was so ecstatic. It was hard to make friends, being the socially awkward introverted teen I am, but I eventually made some friends. I reveled in classes and to this day I am practically the Hermione Granger of my class, with blonde hair and glasses. Speaking of Hermione, I really love Emma Watson! I am looking forward to playing some Quittage and kicking some butt! I do way better on my broom, then on the ground with soccer or any other Muggle sports.
Full Name: Autumn Joy Pendragon
Family: Ellie Jenkins is my sister, and my parents are Hufflepuff's
Hair color: Dusty blonde
Eye color: Gray/pale blue
Height: 5 ft. 4
Dumbledore quotes
Proving others wrong (that's debate right?)
Harry Potter
Dancing in the rain
Gaga ball
Church camp
Dobby <3
Not being normal
Studio Ghibli *cough Pendragon cough*
Any kind of dessert/chocolate
Snobby people
(I am actually a Ravenclaw, not a Gryffindor, I just forgot to change it. lol) I don't really know how to rp, so there you go.
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