Sage Le Strange

Student, Mermaid & Animagus

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I was a baby enclosed in ice in a river, Bellatrix and Rodolphus LeStrange saw me and broke me free. After looking for my parents and finding none, they decided to adopt me. I've always been short for my age and loved water.

With my adopted mother, Bellatrix, dying when I was only 3 changed my life forever. I lived with my adopted father, Rodolphus Le Strange, who was extremely heartbroken. I mean, if anyone was to go back in time and see them together, they wouldn't think much of their love story, right? But he really, really loved her. I got accepted into Hogwarts and got sorted into Slytherin, naturally. He later died when I was 12, after a fight with Harry Potter, who had just turned up in a bar and was saying horrible things about mum.

Two years ago I began to be able to control water and change into a mermaid, WITHOUT TRAINING, my uncle and aunt researched and found only mer people had these powers. They asked lots of people if they knew me and finally found a man who knew. My parents had both died the day I was born but he had more information about them. My mother was a mermaid and my father was a wizard.

I am now living with Narcissa and Lucius, my uncle and aunt, and Draco, my cousin. I see him as my brother and will kill anyone who harms him. That's a warning..and a promise.

NAME: Sage Holly-Mae LeStrange
HEIGHT: 4 "8 (very short for her age)
AGE: 16

WAND: Cedar, 14 1/2" with unicorn hair centre and unbending flexibility.


SIBLINGS: Holly LeStrange (killed when she was 11 at Hogwarts by Snape accidentally with a potion he said was safe to drink but was extremely dangerous and fatal and killed you slowly and painfully with no cure.) She was 12 years older than me.

PATRONUS: White horse

ANIMAGUS: Rattlesnake

OTHER: Can turn into a mermaid at will and control any type of water and water based liquid.

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