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"Searched the world and all it's isles, but still, I wander on"

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When I first came to Hogwarts, I really wasn't quite sure which house I'd be in. Both of my parents were in Slytherin, but I really didn't fit in with those kinds of people. The hat took a bit to decide, mainly debating over Slytherin, due to my heritage, or Gryffindor. Despite the fact that my father was in Slytherin, he was a muggleborn, and I am thus a halfblood as I have known muggle ancestry. Many know of this fact, resulting in the occasional sneer from the Slytherin house, but other than that it affects me little. Some of my favorite classes at Hogwarts are DADA, transfiguration, and care of magical creatures. One of my greatest strengths is definitely spells involved in battles, mainly offensive or defensive ones. I have never been very skilled with healing of any type-I try to leave that job to the people that actually have some skill in that area. When I finish school, I am hoping to become an Auror, seeing as I tend to gravitate towards that area of magic. The only pet I keep is currently a southern white-faced owl named Eos. My family consists of my parents and I. The reason for our family being so small is because much of my family fought in the battle of Hogwarts, resulting in the deaths of my mother's parents, and my mother's other wizarding siblings. My mother originates from a family said to be descended from a knight of the Round Table.

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