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'With a dreamy far off look and her nose stuck in a book'

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Hi, I'm Emily, but please, call me Mily. I'm a 6th year, half-blood with a passion for reading and writing and I am often found in a quiet corner reading a book.

I've never really been perceived as normal, being quite dreamy and distant at times. In reality I'm just a bit of a goofball with a fun loving personality, although I can be awfully hot-headed at times. I'm rather blunt but not judgemental and don't trust too easily. I'm always protecting my own. I don't always think before I speak or act and often find myself apologising profusely.


Magical ability;

For a long time I showed no magical ability being much more interested in literature.

However my parents realised my magical ability at ten years old, when I sorted my bookshelves by moving the books just by thinking about where I wanted them.


School life;

When first sorted I was a strong tie between hufflepuff and ravenclaw, but in the end my loyalty tipped me toward hufflepuff.

My main subjects, that I excel in and enjoy the most are herbology and care of magical creatures.
Herbology fascinates me in a way nothing else could. The way you can grow a plant and give it life, and then take it away by merely pulling up the roots.
Care of magical creatures helps me a lot, with my struggles. It de-stresses me and I just seem to connect with animals.


Home life;

I come from a large family, having 6 siblings.
There is;

Samuel, 24, who lives in America, with his son and wife working in the ministry over there.

William, 19, who doesn't really do much, mainly spending his time in his room playing video games.

Stewart, 18, who works building and fixing muggle cars.

Jacob, 14, who is super smart and a whiz with any kind of intellectual matter.

And finally the twins,

Daisy and Rebecca, 12, who never leave each other's side, are forever goofing around with each other and everyone else and weirdly never fall out.



I am also the proud mother of --
Norman, my clumsy barn owl.
Alan, my stupid excuse of a rat.
And Jazmin, my elegant, wise and friendly black cat.



I have straight long dark hair parted more towards the middle, usually flowing freely. I have blue eyes and a ridiculously freckled face and body. I have a slightly upturned nose and dark thin eyebrows that match my hair, usually accompanied by a kind smile on my unusually pink lips. I favour a more natural look, steering away from makeup and am rather small being 5ft 3 and quite petite.



Willow, dragon heartstrings, 11 inches

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