Adamance Brut


First-year student. Amenable to allies. Clever. Eleven years old. Reached semantic satiation on the word "precocious" at nine.

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I am Adamance Brut, but please call me Ada - I'd rather a similarity to the mother of computer programming than the implication that I will somehow never change in the next seven years. I'm from a family that likes to call itself "traditionally magical," which probably tells you most of what you need to know about them. There's probably some Muggle in there within a few generations.

Growing up, I was entranced by stories of magical ability, particularly the daring feats performed by the heroes and heroines of legend. I was, and am, innately curious, and while it was always expected of me to show an affinity for magic and thence be educated formally, I confess to no real interest in schooling for its own sake. It wasn't until I was around seven that it dawned on me that, with work and the right leverage, I might become one of those legends I'd loved hearing about - or at the very least, find out which ones were even possible! Needless to say, my previously despairing parents did not look too deeply into my change of heart.

Like any Slytherin worth their scales, I have a long-term goal along with my short-term interests. I would like to become an Animagus. I intend to do so fully within the purview of the law, school rules, and common sense, in ascending order of importance, as my preliminary research suggests that I will get much farther, much faster, with experienced Animagi guiding me. I'm aware this is very difficult to accomplish, and requires a great deal of practice, patience, mental fortitude, and magical acumen. That is rather the point.
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