Gavin Moony


I'm just a faithfull Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw for the Win!

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I was so excited when I got my letter! At first I thought it was a joke because my dad loves playing practical jokes on me, but after explaining it all to me I finally understood. I'm a half-blood wizard name Gavin Moony. My dad's an amazing wizard and my mum is an amazing muggle mum. My dad used to works for the Ministry of Magic (my dad's told me all about it, it sounds amazing!) in the International Magical Office of Law. My dad's also told me all about Hogwart's and it's classes (and the secret passages he found!). He's also told me about Quidditch, being on a broomstick is the best felling ever! I don't have any sibling's which makes it tough to practise, but my dad still throws tennis balls in different directions and I go off and catch it. I haven't missed once except for the once time my dad threw one when I wasn't looking. I've been practising on my comet 260 which isn't much, but he say's if I get better and make the team he'll get a me a better broom. I can't wait to be sorted into a house. I've been stressing over for a week now. I really hope I'm in Ravenclaw. When I got my stuff at Diagon Alley my dad bought me an owl for my early birthday present. I named the owl Houdini because he keeps appearing out of nowhere whenever I make an odd clicking sound at the back of my throat. The Wizarding world was a big shock to me, but it was a way bigger shock for my mum. She thought my dad was insane. It took a couple of weeks for it to sink in, but I'm still worried for her, she's been sleeping a lot less and drinking more and more everyday. I can't wait to leave for King's Cross in the morning! Bye! -Gavin Moony

Ravenclaw! Ravenclaw! I got sorted into Ravenclaw! Yes! Yesterday on the train I met two other first years who also were new to the Wizarding World. Lyra got sorted into Hufflepuff while Leslie got sorted into Gryffindor. The feast was amazing with all the chicken wings and asparagus and the pudding! The Ravenclaw common room is amazing, there's a bulit in library and a great view of the rest of the castle. Houdini's been a great help delivering all the mail but I haven't been able to use him to send a letter though. All the classes are amazing! My favourtie class is Transfiguration becuase it inlcudes all my favourite muggle subjects: math, science and molecular theories. Hogwarts is amazing, but there is one problem being in Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw's don't communicate with each other enough, we try to keep to ourselfs most of the time, but there's times when there's a chatty Ravenclaw. I hope I make friends soon because I don't want to spend the rest of the year alone. Bye! -Gavin Moony
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