Nikola Ashburn


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Nikola Ashburn
Birthday: October 29th
House: Slytherin


Nikola is a Slytherin Hogwarts student, a half-blood from his hometown in Greece. He was sent away from his family to go to Hogwarts as they no longer wanted to raise a child who was able to shape-shift into a dragon, and after a discussion with the headmaster of Hogwarts he was forced to stay at the castle under his watchful eye. He was quickly sorted into Slytherin as he is incredibly pragmatic and tends to only care about himself (and tends to be paranoid when it comes to his own wellbeing). He finds most classes interesting but particularly enjoys Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Messy, bristly black hair and yellow eyes. His eyes almost permanently have bags underneath them. Thin and lean, but isn't the best at physical activity.

Likes: Practicing spells, being alone, staying out of mortal danger,

Dislikes: The prospect of death, romance, drama, and small children

Hobbies: Reading, writing, using magic, thinking up the best ways to trick people into doing what he wants

Strengths: An upcoming prodigy at wordless and wandless spells, cunning and clever, and very aware at all times

Weaknesses: Bad at making genuine friends, not the greatest at hand-to-hand combat, can be overly rude at times
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