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I am Harry Potter's OLDER twin sister Charlotte. I am not very well known at all. I am a metamorphmagus. and My best friends are my twin (obviously), Hermione, Ron, Draco, and the Weasley Twins. My closest boy friends are however the twins. You know how Harry met Ron and Hermione on the Hogwarts express, well I met Fred and George (or as they like to call themselves Gred and Forge).
Other Info:
Owl: A northern white-faced owl named Lilly
Hair Style: Depends on how I'm feeling, since I'm a metamorphmagus
Hair Colour: Depends on how I'm feeling, since I'm a metamorphmagus
Eye Colour: Blue, I got dad's eyes and Harry got mum's, but thats my normal colour, otherwise it depends on how I'm feeling, since I'm a metamorphmagus
Other facial features: I have thick blue rectangle glasses and LOTS of freckles
Preferred outfit: I'm not really one for trying to look good for boys, I usually wear baggy comfy clothes like my brother's house tracksuit (What?? It's comfy) and uggboots.
Likes: MUSIC!!!!!!! Reading, Lacrosse (Hey, don't go judging me because I like a muggle sport), and I LOVE quidditch.
Quidditch position: I'm a chaser
Dislikes: Most Slytherins (and don't go calling me prejudice, but they're way too mean to my brother, but I said most, yep, you know who you are), and I DESPISE people who are mean to Harry (You may think that I'm being a little overprotective, but he's my little bro (by 6 minutes but who cares) and I'm obviously going to protect him.
Hobbies: MUSIC!!!!!!! and people who know me know that I LOVE making a mess.
Personality: You don't wanna cross me, I can get angry extremely easily, I may seem all sweet and kind when you meet me, but when you get to know me, yeesh. But, when I'm happy and In a good mood I'm sweet and loving and kind. I am second smartest in my year (after Hermione of course) but extremely loyal (I'm guessing you can now see why the sorting hat had a hard time putting me into a house)

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