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Hey I like to role play don't know what else to put here.

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Name: Dominic Carson
Age: (depends on role play — usually) 14
Strength: DADA
Weakness: Divination
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Likes: Quidditch, writing, sketching, having fun, breaking rules, adventures, friends
Dislikes: Classes, homework, bullies, chainsaws (totally didn’t get that from Julian joking and chasing me with one...)

Other Role play Characters

James/Julia Potter: James’ older, Julia’s younger.

James Potter:
Little Background: Dominic’s right hand man, loves Quidditch (Seeker)
Likes: Quidditch, butter beer, fun, Smith Brothers, drawing, reading.
Dislikes: Ravenclaws (some/most), injuries, sand, sleeping
Strengths: DADA
Weakness’: Divination
Blood Status: Half Blood
House: Gryffindor

Julia Potter:
Little Background:
Likes: Dominic (Heh), Quidditch, muggle sports, sketching, writing.
Dislikes: Reading, homework, school, walking.
Strengths: Charms
Weakness’: Nothing Really, but Divination
Blood Status: Half-Blood
House: Gryffindor
(Appearance -

Smith Brothers: Caleb and Colin
Little Background: Basically the 21st century Fred and George. Funny, mischievous.
Likes: Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, pranks, pranksters.
Dislikes: Slytherins, (kinda of some) Ravenclaws, teachers, school, homework
Strengths: DADA
Weakness’: Potions
Blood Status: Pure Blood
House: Gryffindor
(Appearance: Caleb left, Colin left)

Oliver Thomas:
Little Background: Friendly, hyper all the time, never gives up on friends
Likes: Friends, books, drawing/coloring,
Dislikes: BULLIES >:(
Strengths: Charms
Weakness’: DADA
Blood Status: Muggle-born
House: Hufflepuff

Marcus Carter
Little Background: He grew up mostly at home, with his family, socializing until the event of August 16, 2009 (Marcus was 3) He didn’t talk for a while after that.
Likes: Books, writing (stories and essays), work, (partly) homework.
Dislikes: Parties, big social events.
Strengths: DADA
Weakness’: Potions
Blood Status: - Muggle-Born
House: - Gryffindor

Tyler Smith
Little Background: - Tyler grew up in a wizarding community, always looking for ways to get more knowledge on magic. (Head boy when roleplay es year 7)
Likes: reading, books, writing, school, homework
Dislikes: - Trouble, pranks, skipping classes, slacking.
Strengths: - everything (mostly Potions)
Weakness’: - none
Blood Status: - Pureblood
House: - Ravenclaw

Kennith Monticello
Little Background: - Kennith (Ken) grew up rich, in a dark family. Always surrounded by magic and servants, and he enjoyed time with the adults listening to Hogwarts stories
Likes: - Slytherins, trouble, getting people (Gryffindors) into trouble, being the boss.
Dislikes: - Gryffindors, getting into trouble, being threatened, treated middle-class in anyway.
Strengths: - Potions
Weakness’: - DADA
Blood Status: - Pureblood
House: - Slytherin
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